Market newsletter 4/2023 – 5 December 2023

FIN-FSA’s Audit Committee survey of the implementation of sustainability reporting

  1. Summary
  2. Tasks of the audit committee
  3. Tasks of the FIN-FSA
  4. How was the survey conducted?
  5. The new sustainability reporting framework
  6. Audit committees have familiarised themselves with the new regulations
  7. Sustainability matters on audit committees’ agenda
  8. Boards have been kept informed about the new regulations
  9. Audit committees are involved in sustainability reporting implementation projects
  10. Companies’ processes and controls being developed – demand for new systems
  11. Increased need for additional resources and expertise
  12. Independence of audit committee from management ensured
  13. Attention paid to assurance of sustainability information
  14. Companies have acted to reduce greenwashing risk
  15. Audit committees have identified a number of challenges in preparing for sustainability reporting

Market newsletter 4/2023 (pdf)