Contact information


+358 9 183 51

Street address and opening hours

The Financial Supervisory Authority is located in Helsinki, at Snellmaninkatu 6.
Open weekdays 9–16.15 (Maundy Thursday and New Year’s Eve 9–13.30).

FIN-FSA Registry

Open weekdays 9–16 (Maundy Thursday and New Year’s Eve 9–13.30)
postal address: Financial Supervisory Authority, P.O. Box 103, FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland
tel.  09 183 5339 (national hotline number with no additional charge), +358 9 183 5339 (international number)
fax +358 9 183 5328

Reception point for incoming mail

The reception point for incoming mail is situated in the inner yard of Rauhankatu 19. Admission to the inner yard is by the gateway to the alley between Rauhankatu 19 and Rauhankatu 17 (National Archives / Kansallisarkisto). To open the gate to the alley, contact the Bank of Finland’s Security Office, via the wall mounted intercom beside the gate. At the end of the alley is a glass-walled unit housing the top of the lift shaft. The lift is opened/closed remotely by the Security Unit. To call the lift, use the intercom beside the lift doors.

Consultation process between the authorities for acquisitions of qualifying holdings in credit institutions

The designated contact point referred to in Article 2 of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/461 for the consultation process between the relevant competent authorities for proposed acquisitions of qualifying holdings in credit institutions is registry(at)

Information request concerning a document

An information request concerning a document should be made by email at registry(at)

A customer may contact FIN-FSA about a practice of an entity supervised by FIN-FSA that the customer deems to be contrary to the rules or otherwise worthy of censure.

Public disclosure of contacts with the FIN-FSA and confidentiality

Please note that any messages sent to an authority are public unless they contain secret information as referred to in the Act on the Openness of Government Activities or another Act. Everyone has the right of access to an official document in the public domain.

For example, details of a person’s health, customer relationship with the labour administration or annual earnings are always considered secret.


The invoicing instructions for the FIN-FSA and the Bank of Finland are available on the Bank of Finland website.


The FIN-FSA email addresses have the format firstname.lastname(at) without the Scandinavian characters (for example, ä = a, ö = o).

You can also send secured email messages to the FIN-FSA. Instructions on the secure email system are available here (Bank of Finland’s and Financial Supervisory Authority’s secure email system: instructions for external users).

Report suspected infringement

For information on how to report suspected infringement, click this link.

For the media

For services to the media, click this link.

Need assistance with service providers?

Financial Ombudsman Bureau (FINE)

FINE provides information and advice to banking, insurance and investment service customers and handles disputes, as necessary, on behalf of customers with the insurance company, bank or investment firm concerned., tel. +358 9 6850 120 (Monday to Thursday 10–16). Advice to customers is free of charge.

Consumer helpline for users of banking, investment and insurance services

Tel. +358 9 183 5360 (free of charge in Finland), Tuesdays 9–10 and Thursdays 14–15.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

The number for the FIN-FSA’s media service

+358 9 183 5250, weekdays 9–16 (Maundy Thursday and New Year’s Eve 9–13). The media service helps you to find information from published material and gives advice on how to proceed.

All calls to the FIN-FSA are free of additional service charges

The charge of a mobile call depends on the type of subscriber connection, while landline calls are charged based on the rate for a local, trunk or international call.

The FIN-FSA gives advice on special matters:

AIFM funds
Theme Email
Technical issues and matters of interpretation relating to AIFMD reporting, and changes to AIFMD reporting obligations AIFMDReportingHelpdesk(at)
Matters of interpretation relating to AIFM AIFMquestions(at)

Notifications of major holdings under chapter 18, section 1 of the AIFM Act
Notifications concerning changes and discontinuation under the AIMF Act

For more detailed instructions:
Notifications under chapter 12, section 1
Notifications under chapter 19, sections, 3, 4 and 1
Notifications under Chapter 20, sections 3 and 2

​Foreign cross-border marketing notifications under chapter 19, sections 2 and 5 of the AIFM Act AIFM.notifications(at)
​IDD (Insurance Distribution Directive)

​Questions on IDD to the FIN-FSA

  • IDDquestions(at)
Innovation Help Desk

If you have questions on permits, registration and other authorisation issues concerning innovative financial products and services, email us at

  • Innovaatio-HelpDesk(at)

For more information, please see Innovation Help Desk.

For enquiries not related to innovative financial products and services, please see the other email addresses provided on this site.

Notification of managers’ transactions

Notifications of managers’ transactions are sent to the FIN-FSA via secure email, using a dedicated PDF form or as an XML file

  • johdonkaupat(at)
Transaction reporting (AKVA)

Regulations and guidelines on transaction reporting
Transaction reporting requirements
Technical implementation of reporting

  • kaupparaportointi(at)

​Technical support of transaction reporting

  • trs-support(at)
Sustainable finance

Questions regarding the regulatory framework on sustainable finance can be sent to FIN-FSA:

  • kestavarahoitus(at)
Short positions

Notifications of short positions and cancellations thereof

  • shortselling(at)
MAR enquiries

Information on delayed disclosure must be submitted by encrypted email

Questions and interpretations on the Market Abuse Directive (MAR) not requiring immediate response

  • markkinat(at)

Questions on MiFID II/MiFIR

  • MiFIDquestions(at)

Questions on the key information document provided on packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPS)

For more detailed instructions

  • PRIIPSquestions(at)

Questions on Payment Services Directive to the FIN-FSA

  • psd2(at)
Theme Email
Technical issues and matters of interpretation relating to EBA ITS reporting (XBRL/XML) EBAReportinghelpdesk(at)
​Technical issues and matters of interpretation relating to FIN-FSA data collections (.csv) VIRATIhelpdesk(at)
​Technical issues and matters of interpretation relating to AIFMD reporting, and changes to AIFMD reporting obligations AIFMDReportingHelpdesk(at)

Technical issues and matters of interpretation relating to STT reporting (Settlement internalisation)

​Non-electronic Solvency II reporting S2raportointi(at)
Technical issues and matters of interpretation relating to Solvency II reporting S2Helpdesk(at)
Technical issues and matters of interpretation relating to Pension Fund reporting PFHelpdesk(at)
Reporting of the ECB’s fee factor data (COF) and the related communication EKP_valvontamaksut(at)
Questions related to the reform of the Reporting System NewReportingSystem(at)
List of data sets (pdf)  
STOR notifications of investment service providers and trading venues

STOR notifications under Article 16 of MAR are sent to the FIN-FSA via secure email using a separate form

  • STOR(at)

Marketing of new foreign funds

  • Ucits.Notifications(at)

Notification of an amendment

  • funds(at)
Insurance market reporting

Regular insurance sector reports

  • tilastot(at)
Payment account comparison website

Submission of data to the payment account comparison website using a standard form

  • vertailusivusto(at)

Questions on data submission and the standard form

  • vertailusivusto.tiedustelut(at)

Please send us your questions, feedback and development ideas concerning the web service either via email or feedback form

  • finanssivalvonta(at)