Values and strategy


Our primary objectives are to ensure financial stability and confidence in the financial markets and to enhance the protection of customers and investors and insured benefits.


Supervisory effectiveness and efficiency among the best in Europe.


    We are pro-active in perceiving changes in our operating environment and supervised entities and continuously develop our activities accordingly. We follow developments in real time and are actively involved in progress at the international level.

    Our activities are consistent, constructive and of the highest quality. We are aware of the consequences of our actions. We communicate openly, bearing in mind our responsibilities.

    We concentrate on essentials. We take responsibility for our own and the whole organisation's results. We are vigilant and take swift action when needed.

    We are a supportive working community. We learn constantly and support others in their own professional development. We create a positive team spirit. We work in good cooperation with all our stakeholders.

Strategy of the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) 2020–2022

1. Supervision responsive to changes in operating environment

  • We target our supervision on the basis of the level of risk associated with the supervised entity and the significance of the issue at hand
  • We take account of financial sector digitalisation in our supervision
  • We recognise in our supervision the effects of climate change and climate policy
  • We promote the preventive effect of anti-money laundering supervision, fostering the good reputation of Finland in anti-money laundering efforts
  • We are well prepared for any disturbances in the financial sector and its services

2. Well-renowned expert

  • Our staff has strong expertise that supports our objectives
  • We cooperate closely with other authorities and utilise the expertise of stakeholders in areas where it is not expedient to build in-depth competence of our own
  • We harness the competence of staff flexibly across organisational boundaries
  • We have a supportive management approach that promotes a good working atmosphere and focuses on change management
  • We are a highly respected employer of financial sector professionals

3. High quality and efficiency

  • We apply standardised and efficient processes
  • In our supervisory activities, we make extensive use of both cooperation with EU authorities and ECB supervisory practices
  • We use modern IT systems to strengthen supervisory effectiveness and efficiency
  • We make use of data analysis to enable appropriate targeting of supervision
  • We support our strategic goals through effective communication

Strategy of the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) 2020–2022 (pdf)