Supervision release 23 February 2023 – 11/2023

Information about changes to opening secure email received from the Financial Supervisory Authority

Dear Recipient,

The method of delivery of secure email messages sent by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) has changed as, from the beginning of 2023, the Act on Information Management in Public Administration (906/2019) requires that an authority must, when transferring data, verify or identify the recipient in a sufficiently data secure manner before the recipient is allowed to process confidential information.

From now on, before the received email message can be read, the recipient is verified in a two-stage process with a text message, or a password created in advance.

Due to the new transmission method, in the future we will no longer be able to send confidential information to shared email addresses.

To facilitate communication, we kindly ask that, when you send secure messages to the FIN-FSA, you also include in the message the phone numbers (in international format) of the people to whom you expect a reply from the FIN-FSA.

Verification with text message

A text message containing a PIN code, with which the recipient can open the email message, is sent to the recipient’s mobile phone.

Verification with password

A password, created in advance for the recipient, enables the recipient to open the email message.

The created password is delivered to the recipient in some way other than email (e.g. by phone or text message). The method of delivery is agreed separately. The same password can be used for one year.

There have been no changes to sending secure email to the FIN-FSA

You can send the FIN-FSA secure email (Bank of Finland and FIN-FSA secure email: instructions for external users). The FIN-FSA recommends using an email solution protected with a SecureMail connection when the email message contains confidential information.

Best wishes