Supervision release 15 March 2016 – 17/2016

New schedule of processing fees to take effect on 15 March 2016

The Financial Supervisory Authority’s new schedule of processing fees will take effect on 15 March 2016.

The schedule has been updated with the council regulation (EU) No 1024/2013 conferring specific tasks on the European Central Bank concerning policies relating to the prudential supervision of credit institutions.
In addition the schedule has been updated with the amendments to Securities Markets Act (amended by Act 1278/2015) and with the repealing of the Decree of the Ministry of Finance on Notification of Major Holdings and Proportions of Voting Rights (repealed by Act 1278/2015) as well as with the correct price for the granting of exemption from the restrictions related to large exposures to a customer as laid down in the Act on the Supervision of Financial and Insurance Conglomerates (699/2004).

The schedule of processing fees is available on the FIN-FSA website.

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Schedule of processing fees (pdf)