News release 15 December 2018 – 13/2018

Financial Supervisory Authority’s new website and look

The Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) will launched a new website on Saturday, 15 December, and it will be fully operational on Monday, 17 December. The structure of the website has been reorganised to correspond better to the needs of our stakeholders and supervisory work. The content of the three previous websites,, and listayhtiö, will all be available at one address,
Following its launch, the website will be supplemented with archive material and English-language content. The site will also be developed on the basis of use and feedback received. You can give feedback on the site using the feedback link at the end of the site.
The links to the current websites will no longer work after 15 December.

The Financial Supervisory Authority will also launch its new look on 17 December

In addition to the dark blue colour, the new logo will retain the lion emblem, but it will be lightened by removing the garland pattern from around the lion. Moreover, the bar has been removed from the logo, thereby enabling it to be used more easily in digital channels and various printed products. As a new element, the FIN-FSA identifier has been incorporated into the logo.
The FIN-FSA identifier is well established in international use and, for example, as the name of our Twitter account. In international contexts, when we are the Financial Supervisory Authority or Finansinspektionen, the use of the identifier distinguishes us from the authorities of other countries. In domestic contexts, the identifier reminds us that we also operate in international contexts, making an influence for Finland on important themes.