Reporting release 3 December 2020 – 29/2020

Updated workbooks and instructions for the RA data collection published | National reporting (Virati)

Updated data collection applications and workbooks for the reporting of risks concerning the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing and related controls are available for downloading in the Jakelu distribution service.

The data collection has been updated by clarifying some response alternatives and responding instructions. The question on sub-areas of AML/KYC audits has been removed and replaced by questions on responsibilities for compliance with the AML Act and provisions issued thereunder. In addition, for credit institutions, the number of asset management customers was added to questions concerning personal customers.

Reporting institutions which have had either no activities in 2019 or customers subject to customer due diligence in accordance with chapter 3, section 2 of the AML Act must nevertheless submit a zero report.

The reference date of data collected is 31 December 2020. The reporting deadline is 28 February 2021.

As a reminder, payment service providers (types of reporting institution 257, 258 and 259) must choose between two reporting templates – RA02 and RA03. The RA03 template is completed only by institutions which do not provider other payment services than money remittance. All other payment service providers complete the RA02 template.

Furthermore, please fill in the contact details of the contact person for the reporting institution in the field Contact info of person responsible for the information.

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