Supervision release 16 January 2023 – 3/2023

FIN-FSA regulations and guidelines 1/2021: Amendment to G-SII guidelines

On 16 January 2023, the FIN-FSA issued guidelines amending its guidelines 1/2021 on the specification and disclosure of systemic importance indicators (EBA/GL/2020/14).

The amendment (EBA/GL/2022/12) concerns indicators used in the additional identification methodology of systemic importance pursuant to Article 131(2a) of the Capital Requirements Directive 2013/36/EU. Going forward, adjusted cross-jurisdictional activity indicators that exclude cross-border activity within the Single Resolution Mechanism used in the additional identification methodology should be considered as part of the cross-jurisdictional activity indicators for the G-SII identification and subcategory allocation methodology, and not as ancillary or memorandum items. In practice, credit institutions participating in the G-SII identification process must disclose these indicators on their website on an annual basis in addition to other G-SII indicators. This amendment increases the transparency of the G-SIIs identification process and of cross-border exposures within the Banking Union.

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Regulations and guidelines 1/2021