Supervision release 11 February 2021 – 4/2021

Amendments to FIN-FSA Regulations and guidelines 1/2021 G-SII guidelines

On 9 February 2021, the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) issued Guidelines on the specification and disclosure of systemic importance indicators (G-SII).

The guidelines related to the specification of the methodology for the identification of global systemically important institutions (G-SIIs) referred to in Regulation (EU) No 1222/2014 and the reporting of basic data (indicators, ancillary data and memorandum items) and the annual disclosure of indicator values based on them used in the identification of G-SIIs.

The guidelines are applicable to credit institutions whose level of leverage ratio exposures exceeds EUR 200 billion.

The guidelines replace the earlier corresponding FIN-FSA Regulations and guidelines 4/2016. The new guidelines take into account amendments to EU legislation and the Basel Principles.

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Regulations and guidelines 1/2021