Supervision release 21 August 2015 – 34/2015

Commission intends to amend EBA’s draft ITS on additional liquidity monitoring metrics (AMM)

The European Commission informed the European Banking Authority (EBA) on 24 July 2015 that it intends to amend the draft Implementing Technical Standard (ITS) on additional liquidity monitoring metrics under Article 415(3)(b) of the Capital Requirements Regulation. The main change that the Commission intends to make is to delete the maturity ladder template and the corresponding instructions. The EBA can send its opinion on the intended amendments within 6 weeks to the Commission. However, given the importance of the maturity ladder in bank supervision, the Commission has invited the EBA to update this aspect of the ITS and to submit it as soon as possible.

The Commission intends to adopt the other five templates and corresponding instructions included in the draft ITS as submitted by the EBA. The commission also intends to amend the proposed date of application from 1 July 2015 (original EBA proposal) to 1 January 2016.

Read the Commission’s announcement.

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For the present, the Financial Supervisory Authority’s M reporting will continue unchanged.

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