Reporting release 29 June 2023 – 30/2023

EBA’s DPM 3.3 to apply as from 31 December 2023 data | EBA

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has published Phase 1 of the DPM 3.3 version for regulatory reporting, including the XBRL taxonomy and validation rules. The changes have an impact on reporting by credit institutions, investment firms, management companies, custodians and authorised alternative investment fund managers.

Most significant changes

Data hub project for Pillar 3 disclosures begins

Reporters participate in the pilot phase of the project on a voluntary basis. There will be more detailed communications on the progress of the project in connection with future DPM releases.

Reporting of ESG data in XBRL format

The reporting of ESG data (Environmental, Social and Governance) has been integrated into the DPM and taxonomy. Reporting in the XBRL format beings as from 31 December 2023 data on an ad hoc basis and concerns significant credit institutions. The data belonging to the scope of the ad hoc reporting correspond in terms of content to the ESG disclosures within Pillar 3.

After the entry into force of CRR 3, ESG reporting will be extended to other credit institutions, too.

Other changes

Changes to the ITS on benchmarking, including the extension of the IFRS9 benchmarking exercise to large high default portfolios, new market risk models for default risk and residual risk as well as other minor updates and revisions.

The integration of intermediate EU parent undertakings (IPU) into the DPM and XBRL taxonomies has been made in the DPM 3.3 version. There are no such institutions in Finland at present.

Changes concerning IRRBB reporting will be communicated in a separate release.

The DPM survey tool has also been updated to correspond to the current release.

Minor changes have been made to the DPM, and validation rules have been adjusted based on the adopted ITS.

Further information on the XBRL taxonomy and DPM model applying to ITS reporting is available on the EBA website.

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