Reporting release 21 December 2022 – 39/2022

Data collection has been added to the Validation service of the new Financial Supervisory Authority Reporting System | EBA

EBA data collections have been added to the Validation service of the new Reporting System. The Validation service is the test environment for the Reporter portal, where reporters can test creating and submitting reports. Reporting obligations for EBA data collections will be added to the actual Reporter portal later.

Access authorisations for the new Reporting System will operate via the e-Authorisations service, and reporters will manage the access authorisations themselves. Reporter must be granted access authorisations before the first login to the Reporter portal. The FIN-FSA has published instructions on access authorisations for the Reporting System. In addition, the e-Authorisations service provides its own instructions and support for using the service. The same access authorisations are used in both the Reporter portal and the Validation service.

On the opening date, the Validation service includes reporting obligations of the following data collections:

  • IF CLASS3 (Prudential reporting for investment firms)
  • FP (Funding plan)
  • REM HR Institution (Higher Ratios)
  • SBP CR (Supervisory Benchmarking Portfolios)
  • SBP IFRS9 (Supervisory Benchmarking Portfolios)
  • SBP RM (Supervisory Benchmarking Portfolios)

The above-mentioned data collections will be reported via the FIN-FSA’s Reporter Portal as of reference date 32 December 2022.

In the reporting the changes in the naming of the report file that will come into force on 31 December 2022 must be taken into account
Description of machine-language data transmission of XBRL format reports

Users should notify the FIN-FSA about any possible shortcomings in the reporting system.
Known issues in the reporter portal

User instructions for the Reporting System have been published on the FIN-FSA’s website
Reporter portal guide

It is possible to log in to the Validation Service via the following web address

More information

  • For further information on the reform of the reporting system, see the FIN-FSA’s website.
  • FIN-FSA’s instructions on access authorisations for the Reporting System.

For further information, please contact:

  • Questions related to EBA reporting: EBAReportingHelpdesk(at)