Reporting release 25 September 2020 – 24/2020

Reporting test environment for use by reporters

The Financial Supervision Authority (FIN-FSA) provides a testing environment for the use of reporters. Reporters may submit their reports to the testing environment for checking before submitting the official report to the FIN-FSA. It is possible for reporters to receive automatic feedback from the testing environment on format errors present in reports and on reporting that violates EBA and EIOPA Filing Rules. It is also possible to receive feedback from the testing environment about incorrect validations.

The testing environment is otherwise similar to the FIN-FSA’s production environment, but system testing is also performed there before changes are transferred to the actual production environment. As a result, a feedback message, for example, received by a reporter from the testing environment may be different from that received from the production environment. Reports sent to the testing environment are not used for supervision but may be used in the FIN-FSA’s internal system testing.

The email address of the testing environment is TK_rahoitus(at)

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