Reporting release 21 June 2018 – 24/2018

Update of CSV-based reporting applications and encryption used in Jakelu distribution service | National reporting (Virati)

The encryption software used by CSV-based reporting applications has been updated. The objective of the renewal of the encryption software is to achieve a higher level of information security and to harmonise the procedures concerning the reporting applications and the separate encryption software downloaded from the Jakelu distribution service.

The new new workbooks and the encryption software of the Jakelu distribution service are available for downloading at the Jakelu service.The update applies to all kinds of national Virati reporting. A BofCryptNxtConsole.exe encryption software is included in the workbook installation package. It is recommended that the workbooks are used starting from the reporting as at 30 June 2018.

The new encryption software must be saved in the same directory as the txt file (workbook) and its name must not be altered when saving. The name of the encrypted report file submitted to the FIN-FSA changes as regards the file extension (*.encrypted.xml).

Further information is available at request by email at VIRATIhelpdesk(at)