Reporting release 6 November 2018 – 40/2018

Errors in EBA DPM 2.7 FINREP data collection templates | EBA

​In the FINREP data collection template of EBA DPM version 2.7, the following errors have been found:

  • FINREP template F 19.00, column 100, rows 211-231, in the DPM model these cells are blocked from reporting although in the Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) these cells are allowed to be reported. The previously mentioned cells does not need to be reported on September 30, 2018 reporting.
  • FINREP template F 12.01, rows 250 and 550 in the DPM model allows reporting for all of the columns. In the Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) the following columns are prohibited from reporting: columns 020-040, 050, 070, 090 and 110. The earlier mentioned cells does not need to be reported on 30 September 2018 reporting.

The above inconsistency in F 19.00 and F 12.01 templates have been corrected for the DPM 2.8 version. The DPM 2.8 version will use 31 December 2018 as the first reporting reference date.

Additional information can be requested by email from EBAReportingHelpdesk(at)