Reporting release 4 April 2018 – 10/2018

Errors in EBA DPM 2.7 COREP ALM data collection templates | EBA

​In the COREP ALM data collection template of EBA DPM version 2.7, the following errors have been found:

  • Because of COREP ALM template C 66.01 modeling error, notable currencies cannot be reported correctly. Despite the error, the templates should be reported in currency values.
  • There are new product codes in COREP ALM template C 67.00 which should be reported in column 050. Because of an error in DPM version 2.7, new codes cannot be selected. EBA will publish an answer to Q&A number 2018_3653 in near future. It contains instructions for how to use the codes. Until then, we ask you to use the codes based on DPM version 2.6.

DPM 2.7 will be used for COREP ALM data collection starting from 31 March 2018.

Additional information can be requested by email from EBAReportingHelpdesk(at)