Reporting release 6 November 2017 – 8/2017

On the problematic situations evident in EBA DPM 2.6 version validation rules | EBA

A number of incorrect or problematic situations associated with European Banking Authority (EBA) validation rules were evident in connection with Q2/2017 reporting based on the EBA’s Implementing Technical Standards (ITS). Enclosed is an unofficial list of the EBA validation rules on which a question has been submitted in the EBA’s Q&A process. This list is not yet final and it is possible that detected incorrect validation rules will be deactivated by the EBA in December.

If incorrect situations associated with validation rules in the EBA’s Q&A process are evident in a report, descriptions for the European Central Bank (ECB) are required from the reporter, however, because the Q&A process is still in progress. 

EBA’s list of problematic rules on which a Q&A has been made and which are in force (situation 31 October 2017):

v4759_m  v4774_m v4776_m v4777_m v4778_m v4779_m v4780_m
v4781_m v4782_m v4786_m v4864_m v4865_m v4866_m v4867_m
v4868_m v4869_m v4870_m v4871_m v4872_m v4873_m v4874_m
v4875_m v4876_m v4877_m v4878_m v4879_m v4880_m v4881_m
v4882_m v4886_m e4891_n e4892_n  e4893_n e4894_n e4895_n
e4896_n e4897_n  e4898_n e4899_n e4900_n e4901_n e4902_n

Problematic rules on which a Q&A process has possibly not been initiated:

​​v4834_m ​​​​​ v4841_m v4842_m v4907_m v3040_m v4745_s​ v4820_m
v4821_m v4822_m v4823_m v4833_m v4772_m v4773_m v0656_m