Press release 9 December 2022

Changes in the FIN-FSA Board

The Parliamentary Supervisory Council, on 9 December 2022, appointed Director General Pauli Kariniemi as a member of the Board of the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) and Senior Ministerial Adviser, Legislative Affairs Paula Kirppu as his deputy. These appointments were made on the basis of a proposal by the Ministry of Finance. Pauli Kariniemi was also designated as Vice Chair of the FIN-FSA Board. Both appointees serve in the Financial Markets Department of the Ministry of Finance.

The appointments are effective from 9 December 2022 and are valid until the end of the Board’s three-year term, which began on 1 January 2021.

The Chair of the FIN-FSA Board is Marja Nykänen, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Finland. The other Board members are Lasse Heiniö, MSc, SHV (Actuary accredited by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health), Martti Hetemäki, Professor of Practice, Leena Kallasvuo, MBA, and Minna Lehmuskero, Senior Actuary. Katja Taipalus, Head of Department at the Bank of Finland, acts as deputy for Marja Nykänen. Acting as deputy for Minna Lehmuskero is Director Jaana Rissanen.