Supervision release 26 November 2015 – 47/2015

Changes in FIN-FSA regulations and guidelines on the securities market

As from 26 November 2016, FIN-FSA revokes guideline 8/2013 on notification of significant holdings and voting. On the same day, changes in guideline 6/2013 on securities offerings and listings enter into force together with changes in regulations and guidelines 9/2013 on takeover bid and the obligation to launch a bid. The changes come as a result of the Act amending the Securities Markets Act (1278/2015), which also enters into force on 26 November 2015. 

​In future, FIN-FSA will publish practical guidelines on disclosure of significant holdings and voting (the notification of major holdings) on its website. A new standard form for notification of major holdings, answers to frequently asked questions (in Finnish) and examples of notification situations (in Finnish) are already available on the website.

For further information, please contact

  • Ville Kajala, Senior Policy Advisor, tel. +358 10 831 5226 or ville.kajala(at)
  • Marianne Demecs, Market Supervisor, tel. +358 10 831 5366 or marianne.demecs(at)