Reporting release 9 October 2020 – 27/2020

Extra validation rules in reporting workbooks | EBA

Extra validation rules are active in the workbooks of the Fiva Tiedonkeruusovellus. Warnings related to these rules can be ignored when returning reports to FIN-FSA. Incorrectly active formulas are listed below:

v2823_m, v2856_m, v4598_i, v4859_m, e4895_n, e4896_n, v5313_m, v5315_m, v5531_m, v6375_m, v6376_m, v6377_m, v6378_m, v6379_m, v7579_m, v7580_m, v7585_m, v7624_m, v7625_m, v7630_m, v7697_s, v7698_s, v8070_m, v8108_m, v8109_m, v8110_m, v8111_m, v8112_m, v8113_m

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