Reporting release 20 March 2020 – 5/2020

EBA has issued updated validation rules package | EBA

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has issued a revised list of validation rules in its Imple-menting Technical Standards, which apply to the reporting of credit institutions, investment firms and fund management companies.

DPM version Pcs Deactivated validation rules
2.4.0 1 v4715_m
2.7.0 1 v0980_m
2.9 29 v2708_m, v4023_a, v5489_m, v7379_m, v7483_m, v7970_m, v7971_m, v7972_m, v7973_m, v7974_m, v7975_m, v7976_m, v7977_m, v7987_m, v7988_m, v7989_m, v7990_m, v7991_m, v7992_m, v7993_m, v7994_m, v8007_m, v8008_m, v8009_m, v8010_m, v8011_m, v8012_m, v8013_m, v8014_m 5 v8654_m, v8726_m, v8732_m, v8785_m, v8786_m

More information on EBAs website.