Reporting release 14 May 2019 – 13/2019

Checks related to the acceptable time frame for supervisory reporting implemented in the FIN-FSA’s production environment

The FIN-FSA has implemented automatic checks related to the acceptable time frame for supervisory reporting. The aim of the checks is to prevent unexpected resubmissions for the previous reference dates. The acceptable time frame for reporting is defined as a time period that begins on the reporting reference date (e.g. 31 March 2019) and ends 45 calendar days after the submission deadline (e.g. 13 May 2019 + 45 days). Reports submitted outside the acceptable time frame are rejected automatically.

Submissions outside the time frame can be permitted temporarily for 14 days if one of the following conditions is met:

  1. An institution provides a reasonable explanation for the resubmission by sending an email to the relevant reporting helpdesk (see below) before submitting the report (e.g. errors in the reporting for previous reference dates identified by the reporting entity)
  2. The FIN-FSA explicitly asks to resubmit the report for some previous reference date

The previously announced testing period related to the time frame (cf. Reporting release 11/2019) has ended and the FIN-FSA’s testing environment can be used normally.

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