Reporting release 18 December 2018 – 44/2018

The new address of Jakelu Distribution Service came into force on 15th December 2018

Due to the renewal of the FIN-FSA’s website, the address of the Jakelu Distribution Service has changed.

The new address of the Jakelu Distribution Service is

The address is valid from 15th December 2018.

The following reporting applications are available for download from the Distribution Service:

  • FIN-FSA’s Reporting Application (XBRL/XML) and workbooks (EBA, EIOPA, ESMA)
  • FIN-FSA’s national reporting applications and workbooks (Virati).

To use the Jakelu Distribution Service, you will need a username and password:

  • previous usernames and passwords will remain valid
  • supervised entities that are starting their business are automatically posted their username and password when their license is approved or the notification has been confirmed.