Reporting release 19 April 2018 – 12/2018

New demo version of FIN-FSA Reporting Application published in Jakelu distribution service | EBA EIOPA ESMA

A new demo version of the FIN-FSA Reporting Application (XBRL/XML) has been published in the Jakelu distribution service (download the demo version from the Jakelu distribution service: Messages and news – Demo version of FIN-FSA Reporting Application / FIVA Tiedonkeruusovellus (XBRL/XML) and workbooks). Minor errors in the use of the application have been corrected in the new version of the Reporting Application.


  • There has been no changes to the content of the data collections.
  • From the the Jakelu Distribution Service are downloadable the workbooks in accordance with the taxonomies of the latest valid DPM versions.

The demo version of the Reporting Application and workbooks are not versions intended for reporting. Development will continue in the FIN-FSA until the publication of a final Reporting Application version and workbooks intended for reporting.

The FIN-FSA is happy to receive feedback and development wishes in relation to the Reporting Application.

Questions and comments can be sent by email:

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