Press release 12 October 2022

Janne Häyrynen to head Legal Unit at the FIN-FSA

Janne Häyrynen, LL.M., D.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.), has been appointed Head of Legal Unit at the FIN-FSA for a five-year term, commencing 15 November 2022. The Head of Legal Unit is a member of the FIN-FSA’s management group and reports directly to the Director General.

The Legal Unit is responsible for the FIN-FSA’s legal policies and decisions, the preparation of administrative sanctions, and the coordination of FIN-FSA regulations and guidelines. In addition, the Legal Unit ensures consistency across legal interpretations prepared at different departments and also offers general counsel to the FIN-FSA’s management and to the rest of the organisation.

Janne Häyrynen comes to the FIN-FSA from the Ministry of Finance, where he currently serves in the Financial Markets Department as Head of the Unit for Capital Markets and is a Senior Adviser for Legislative Affairs. Prior to this, he served as a Market Supervisor in the FIN-FSA and in its predecessor, the Financial Supervision Authority. He has also worked at the Police College of Finland (now the Police University College) as a securities market crime researcher.

Häyrynen has served on the FIN-FSA Board since December 2018.

In addition, Häyrynen is an Adjunct Professor in Securities Markets Law at the University of Helsinki, and a Supervisory Board member at the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau (FINE).

“The Legal Unit plays an important role in the efforts to secure a well-functioning and reliable market environment. Our tasks include seeing that legal certainty and legal protection are in place, for instance by ensuring the high quality of legal decisions. It’s great to return to a familiar environment, and I’m looking forward to taking up my new duties,” says Häyrynen.

“Häyrynen’s considerable experience of financial sector legislative work both in Finland and Europe will provide a good basis for further developing the FIN-FSA’s work,” says FIN-FSA Director General Tero Kurenmaa.

Contact information

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