Request for comments 17 February 2016 – 3/2016

Financial Reporting (FINREP) at solo level

The Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) is inviting comments on the scope of FINREP reporting at solo level. The changes in reporting are due to Regulation 2015/534 of the European Central Bank on reporting of supervisory financial information. The Regulation defines the minimum information to be collected by national competent authorities and submitted to the ECB.

We request that any comments be submitted by email to FIN-FSA at kirjaamo(at) by 29 February 2016.

Changes in the extent of reporting

FIN-FSA has defined the FINREP templates to be reported on the basis of the ECB Regulation as specified in the Annex.

Entry into force

Reporting will begin in the indicated scope as from the reporting date, 30 June 2016.

Publication of comments

FIN-FSA will publish comments received in its website unless the commenter prohibits publication or FIN-FSA's professional secrecy obligation prevents publication.

Further information

For further information, please contact Analyst Sinikka Taskinen, tel +358 10 831 5239 or email sinikka.taskinen(at)


Draft Regulations and guidelines 20/2013: Reporting of financial information (in Finnish and Swedish) (pdf)
Table of FINREP reporting scope on a template-specific basis (excel)


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OP Cooperative
Municipality Finance
Branches of foreign credit institutions in Finland