Risk reporting by credit institutions

Regulations and guidelines 1/2014 (pdf)

Risk reporting by credit institutions

  • valid from 6 March 2014 until further notice
  • date of change 31 March 2023


S reporting S01F 
R reporting R

Description for reporting in electronic form (pdf)
Housing loan LTV ratio (excel)
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Regulations and guidelines 1/2014 Risk reporting by credit institutions (version 7) (pdf)

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Accuracy of reported data

Supervised entities are required to prepare a declaration on the accuracy of reported data. The purpose of the procedure is to ensure that the data submitted by the supervised entity to the Financial Supervision Authority (FIN-FSA) is checked and accurate. The declaration must be dated and signed by both the person preparing the report and the person verifying the data. The signed declaration form must be kept by the supervised entity and presented to the FIN-FSA on request. An electronic declaration form will be introduced later.

The person preparing the report and the person verifying the data must not be one and the same person. If several persons participate in the reporting, the responsible coordinator of the reporting may be appointed to verify the data, even if responsibility for verifying individual data has been allocated to another person. The declaration must be updated each time changes occur in the process it describes.

Verification of reported data (word)

The supervised entity may also prepare a free-form declaration which must contain the following elements:

  • reference to the report and FIN-FSA reporting standard that the declaration concerns
  • description of the supervised entity's reporting process, indicating the sources from which the reported data is collected
  • how reported data is verified
  • who provides additional information on the reported data
  • who verifies the data
  • contact details for the person providing additional information and the person verifying data (email addresses and telephone numbers)
  • where and how the data that has been used as a basis for the report is stored.

Reporting of incorrect data

Continued reporting of incorrect data to the FIN-FSA will lead to a written request for clarification to the supervised entity. In its reply the supervised entity must present an action plan on how it will remedy the erroneous reporting. Failure to comply with reporting standards may lead to administrative or other sanctions.

More information on administrative sanctions

Contact information

S reporting

Mr Torsten Groschup, Senior Risk Expert
tel. +358 9 183 5333


R reporting

Ms Marjo Risku, Senior Risk Expert
tel. +358 9 183 5275



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