Statistics on capital market actors

Fund management companies' market shares

FIN-FSA publishes monthly statistical data on fund management companies’1 market shares. The data include net domestic and foreign assets in domestic contractual-based collective investment undertakings (UCITS) and non-UCITS funds managed by domestic fund management companies.

Bank of Finland's statistics on investment funds

1A fund management company must be registered or authorised as manager of alternative investment funds (either it must have submitted an application or it must be an AIF manager), if it manages a non-UCITS fund. The data on market shares do not apply to operators who are registered or authorised only as managers of alternative investment funds but not authorised as fund management companies.

Sector classification of unitholders
Assets in portfolio management

The Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) releases quarterly statistical data on assets in portfolio management. The data are based on reports submitted by investment firms and fund management companies to FIN-FSA on the basis of regulations and guidelines 20/2013. The entities subject to reporting are Finnish investment firms and fund management companies that provide portfolio management services as well as Finnish branches of foreign and investment firms.

The table below shows the assets under management according to the Investment Services Act Chapter 1 section 11 point 4. In these cases asset management is provided by agreement so that the asset manager fully or partly has the right to decide on investment of the assets. 

The table also shows the share of resident mutual funds' assets of the total assets under management. In such cases the management company managing the funds has transferred the asset management function to another company.

Due to changes in the reporting as of 31 March 2014, the figures are not fully comparable to previous figures.

Assets under management (excel)