Correspondence with the FIN-FSA

A customer may contact FIN-FSA about a practice of an entity supervised by FIN-FSA that the customer deems to be contrary to the rules or otherwise worthy of censure. All correspondence is recorded and FIN-FSA may at its discretion take the issues raised in correspondence into account in its supervisory activities.  

Correspondence addressed to FIN-FSA may be free form and should clearly express at least the following information

  • The supervised entity, in other words the service provider whose operations it concerns
  • An explanation of the business practice or operations in question
  • The grounds on which the writer deems the practice or operations to be contrary to the rules or otherwise worthy of censure
  • Whether the issue is also pending or being handled elsewhere (for example by the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau or by some other board or court) and
  • The writer's contact information (name, address, telephone number and email address, if available).

Generally, correspondence addressed to FIN-FSA is public, except for information contained within that is confidential by law (for example a person's state of health, status as a job applicant or salary information). The supervised entity may also be informed of the correspondence. FIN-FSA publishes information on its activities and supervisory measures on its website. It is also important to remember that correspondence or other contact with FIN-FSA is not the equivalent of an appeal, as prescribed by legislation, nor does it have the effect of extending the appeal time mentioned in the appeal instructions.

Correspondence should be addressed to FIN-FSA's Registry, in one of the following ways

  • by post to: Financial Supervisory Authority, Registry, P.O. Box 103, 00101 Helsinki, Finland
  • by email to: registry(at)
  • by fax to: +358 9 183 5328.

For reasons of information protection, we do not recommend that correspondence be sent by email if it contains confidential information.

Letters may also be delivered by hand to the Financial Supervisory Authority.

The reception point for incoming post is situated in the inner yard of Rauhankatu 19. Admission to the inner yard is by the alley between Rauhankatu 19 and Rauhankatu 17 (National Archives / Kansallisarkisto), which has a gate in front of it. You can open the gate by contacting the Bank of Finland's Security Office using the intercom on the gatepost. After the gate, at the end of the alley, there is a glass-walled lift structure. You can call the lift using the intercom mounted beside the lift.