Instructions on reporting suspected infringement of AML regulation by a supervised entity

Filing a report

Suspected infringements can be reported electronically using the secure email of the Bank of Finland and the FIN-FSA to WB-ilmoitukset(at)

Secure email
Instructions for the use of the secure email

The report sent via secure email is made on the following form: Report of suspected infringement form. The form can be saved on one's personal computer, filled electronically and printed. The report must include a free-format description of the matter, indicating the following facts:

  1. party implicated in the report
  2. date of the suspected infringement and
  3. how the matter was discovered.

Documents and other recordings can be attached to the report.

It is recommendable to include the reporter's name and contact information in the report, enabling the FIN-FSA to ask for clarifications or further information on the matter. However, a report can also be filed anonymously.

The FIN-FSA will confirm receipt of the message without delay in writing. No written confirmation will be sent if the reporter has specifically requested so or the FIN-FSA has legitimate grounds to suspect that a written confirmation would compromise the protection of the reporter’s identity.

The FIN-FSA will not report on the actions taken by it in the matter unless there are specific reasons to do so.