Lending and bank guarantees by sector and industrial category March-June 2011 

(EUR thousands)totalof which bank guarantees by sectortotalof which bank guarantees by sector
Total all sectors 233,443,41623,013,141226,830,51822,828,083
Non-financial corporations and housing corporations 62,859,11210,219,30461,939,61110,516,572
Manufacturing 13,563,945 13,037,465 
Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco products1,621,012 1,552,409 
Manufacture of sawn timber and products of wood and cork1,149,265 1,161,769 
Manufacture of paper and paper products1,302,183 1,328,850 
Manufacture of refined petroleum products and chemical products1,710,159 1,683,486 
Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products2,274,290 2,062,991 
Manufacture of machinery, equipment and motor vehicles3,824,918 3,535,790 
Other1,682,117 1,712,171 
Electricity, gas and steam supply2,793,651 3,372,572 
Construction 3,851,602 3,710,602 
Wholesale and retail trade 6,986,132 7,056,679 
Transportation and storage3,726,027 3,642,694 
Accomodation and food service activities782,016 799,474 
Information and communication1,121,723 1,020,514 
Real estate activities21,221,095 20,714,161 
Other corporations 8,812,921 8,585,450 
Financial and insurance corporations 1,430,225340,4951,363,128345,841
General government and non-profit institutions serving households3,904,764141,1033,785,192132,079
Households 104,292,941132,118102,464,642130,291
Agriculture4,748,202 4,663,676 
Other households 99,544,739 97,800,966 
Rest of the world60,956,37312,180,12157,277,94511,703,300
Specification of construction and real estate activities:    
Development of building projects266,974 266,125 
Construction of residential and non-residential buildings1,884,114 1,839,195 
Buying and selling of own real estate3,788,551 3,657,924 
Renting and operation of own or leased real estate 17,165,684 16,632,890 

7 December 2011