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Reports and notifications of Finnish branches of foreign deposit-taking credit institutions

 Deadlines for reports and notifications

Reports produced with reporting IT applications (the Jakelu distribution service or data collection forms)

20/2013 Reporting of financial information (FINREP) (Available only in Finnish and in Swedish)

Table of reporting scope

Reporting instructions for financial information templates (FINREP)

Form; Accuracy of reported data

Form Templates

26/2013 Common Reporting (COREP) (Available only in Finnish and in Swedish)

Form; Accuracy of reported data

Collection of supervisory fee data by the European Central Bank

Supervision releases 7 May 2015 - 18/2015, 5 June 2015 - 24/2015
Regulation (EU) 1163/2014 of The European Central Bank (ECB/2014/41) and
Decision (EU) 2015/530 (ECB/2015/7)

1/2014 Risk reporting by credit institutions

Form; Accuracy of reported data

RA4.7 Reporting of liquidity risk

Form; Accuracy of reported data

NB! It is not possible to report information to FIN-FSA with form templates.

Reports submitted through the TYVI Service

12/2013 Transaction reporting

Information reported in free form

3/2014 Authorisations,registrations and notifications (Available only in Finnish and in Swedish)

Credit Institutions Act, chapter 4, section 7 subsection 2 (Available only in Finnish and in Swedish)

A credit institution may not start operations before it has submitted the following documentation to FIN-FSA:

1) a complete extract from the trade register, including the articles of association or by-laws of the credit institution

2) the names of the members and deputy members of the Supervisory Board and Board of Directors, the chief executive officer and his or her deputy, the auditors and deputy auditors, as well as any other pertinent information on them.

In case of a change in the information as referred to in subsection 2, any new information must be submitted to FIN-FSA without delay.

Credit Institutions Act, chapter 16 section 2

Notification concerning the establishment of a branch

Credit Institutions Act, chapter 18, section 8

Financial statements and complementing information




15 June 2016

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