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Service providers that have submitted a notification

This page shows the following details of service providers that have submitted a notification:

  • Contact information
  • Countries to which an entity provides services
  • Information on authorisation or other grounds entitling the supervised entity to provide services


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Search instructions

  • Service providers are divided into groups according to their line of business. To view details of supervised entities, select the relevant group. To display all the subgroups concerned, click the + sign in front of the group.
  • You can search information based on the name of the service provider or the first part of its name. By adding a % sign in front of the search criteria the search also provides the names of other entities whose names include the same combination of letters elsewhere in the name other than at the beginning.
  • To complete the search, click 'Search'.
  • Search results are listed alphabetically. To view details of an individual service provider, click the name of the service provider. To display details of all the entities that fulfil the search criteria, click 'Open selected items'.

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