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Finanssivalvonta, or the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA), is the authority for supervision of Finland’s financial and insurance sectors. The entities supervised by the authority include banks, insurance and pension companies as well as other companies operating in the insurance sector, investment firms, fund management companies and the Helsinki Stock Exchange. As much as 95% of our activities will be funded by the supervised entities and the remainder will be provided by the Bank of Finland.

Administratively we operate in connection with the Bank of Finland, but we make independent decisions in our supervisory work. FIN-FSA has about 200 employees. Our office is situated in Helsinki.

The objective of our activities is to enable balanced operations of credit institutions, insurance and pension companies and other supervised entities in stable financial markets. Our objective is also to protect the rights of the insured and foster public confidence in financial market operations. In addition, we are responsible for promoting compliance with good practice in financial markets and disseminating general knowledge about the markets. These objectives and duties have been included in the Act on the Financial Supervisory Authority.

We work for the benefit of the users of banking, insurance and investment services.


  • Chairman Olli Rehn, Member of the Board of the Bank of Finland (Bank of Finland)
  • Vice Chairman Martti Hetemäki, Permanent State Secretary (Ministry of Finance)
  • Outi Antila, Director-General (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health)
  • Pirkko Juntti, LLM
  • Vesa Vihriälä, Managing director (Research Institute of the Finnish Economy)
  • Pirjo Kyyrönen, Senior Legal Advisor, Secretary of the Board

The deputy member of Olli Rehn is Katja Taipalus, Head of Department. The deputy member of Martti Hetemäki is Jaakko Weuro, Ministerial Adviser. The deputy member of Outi Antila is Hannu Ijäs, Director.

The CVs of board members

Management group

  • Anneli Tuominen, Director General
  • Jyri Helenius, Deputy Director General, Head of Department, Prudential Supervision
  • Samu Kurri, Head of Department, Institutional Supervision
  • Sonja Lohse, Chief Advisor, Director General’s Staff
  • Jarmo Parkkonen, Head of  Department, Supervision of Markets and Conduct of Business 
  • Erkki Rajaniemi, Advisor to the Management
  • Pirjo Kyyrönen, Senior Legal Advisor, Secretary of the Management group

The CVs of management group members




  • Snellmaninkatu 6
  • P.O. Box 103, FI-00101 Helsinki
  • Switchboard +358 9 183 51
  • fiva(at)fiva.fi 

Information for financial customers

The website Financialcustomer.fi is a compilation of basic data on products and services available in financial markets.
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In case of problems, please contact:

  • The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau (Bank, Insurance and Securities Complaint Boards)
  • Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority
     Consumer advisory services
  • The FIN-FSA consumer helpline
    for users of banking, investment and insurance services
11 July 2017

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